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Early career crisis

Its been long. Too long! The legal world has me wrapped. Tight. With no room to breath. Haven’t written my thoughts in a while. Perhaps they are consuming me too much. Being immersed into this world wouldn’t be so bad if it gave you the good that came with it. What have I gained? Yes, I am now an “Associate” – promoted from a junior associate. Salary – slightly increased. Professionally – where am I? Da Boss isn’t around too much to teach me. I’ve gotten responsibility, but I’m not sure of what I’m doing at times. Maybe I should wait and learn on my own. Or, should I think of moving.

Judges! Lower judiciary has disappointed. Superior judiciary – heartbreaking. Wild jurisprudence, volatile – at times chaotic. No method, unidentifiable principles, and….a non-existent system. Maybe our society needs this. Maybe our people favour this.

….But what about me. My career. My idea of justice. My notion of the rule of law. My appreciation of principles. My love for order and decorum. Universal core values, respect for the system, the holiness of propriety. The Pappu legal system!!!!!

Amidst all of the above I need to finish drafting this goddamn constitutional petition!! AArgggh!!!


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