Words of wisdom on the first day of work

‘Finally bagged a job at the renowned law firm Father, Brother & Co.,’ I thought to myself while jumping off my car to walk into my new place of work.

“Haan jee, ho’re you Barrister saab?” said MasterNakamma, one of the senior associates at Father, Brother & Co.

“I’m fine thank you sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said.

“Yes, it will also be a pleasure to work for me” said MasterNakamma.

“Yes sir, but I thought I was working directly with Mr. DaBoss, who had told me to report to him first thing in the morning” I said.

“Of course, of course, that is the course,” said MasterNakamma with a grin. “But pleasure is all with me” and he walked away with his grin growing wider.

I guess this was to be just one test of my inter-personal skills at the start of my legal career – handling MasterNakamma. He considered himself to be the expert litigator and the go-to man if you needed something to be done in court, as opposed to the desk work i.e. actual preparation of a case, which many Kacheri lawyers looked down upon.

“Pappu!” I heard a deep voice call my name but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

“Pappu, up here, come up,” said DaBoss who was standing on the roof of the building.

“G’morning sir,” I said after rushing upstairs to the roof top.

“Kya haal hai beta?” DaBoss said while shaking my hand. “I’m fine, thank you sir,” I said.

“It’s a beautiful day today,” said DaBoss. “Go to No-can-doClerk and ask him for the U-files. Study the files, prepare the cases, and argue them.”

Pleased to hear my first assignment, I responded, “Ok sir I’ll do that right away, however, I may need some guidance in…..”

“CPC!” said DaBoss.

“CPC?!?” I asked.

“Civil Procedure Code – it has complete guidance, read it.” said DaBoss.



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3 responses to “Words of wisdom on the first day of work

  1. A

    Thats great to know. You didn’t mention where you went to study law. I’m keen to know because I would like to compare law schools in Pakistan and in Canada in terms of my options after LLB.

    And when you say LLB external, does that mean you study in Pakistan for the 2 years and then the 3rd year you finish off in London. Or you can transfer at anytime?

    Thank you!

  2. A

    Nice blog! Just came across it while searching google for reviews on certain law schools in Pakistan.

    Wow! that is brutal, the fact that DaBoss directed you to CPC.

    I have a question for you
    Where did you study law? And how was your experience?
    Maybe you have a blog about it or something? If not you should definitely write about it 🙂

    I live in Toronto, I am considering TILS in ISB as I want to get away from Toronto or North America mainly for a change.
    What do you suggest?

    • Thanks. I highly recommend TILS in Islamabad. The LLB external programme is tough but rewarding if you do well. I’d say go for it and keep in touch.


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