Trick questions and trickier investments

After what seemed like a long day, I decided to have coffee with my friend Giggles, at a posh cafe in the city.

“So how did your interview go at the large multi-national company?” Giggles asked with her usual wide grin.

She was a very nice girl, thoughtful, and an overall hardworking lawyer, but she really needed to stop grinning every time she said something.

“Sigh, I mucked up!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think it went too well. The Head of Legal, who was taking my interview, had a thick uni-brow protruding from his forehead which really threw me off. I don’t think I recovered after that.”

“Aww! It’s okay, it was only your second interview” said Giggles.

“Yes, but he asked me weird questions that were so basic I didn’t think I would get them wrong” I said. “For example, he asked me what I thought was the most important aspect to consider in a contract. And I said that it was most important to consider whether the client’s interests were secure.”

“That seems like an alright answer,” said Giggles.

“You would think!” I said. “Instead, he shook his head slowly and proclaimed “OFFER and ACCEPTANCE”.”

“Heeheeheeheehee!” giggled Giggles.

“Anyway, it would’ve been nice to start off my career earning around 1 lac rupees as In-House Counsel,” I said. “Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer practising as an advocate in the Courts. It’s just that Rs. 10,000 as starting pay for a Barrister is quite harsh.”

“But Pappu, that’s how it is in Pakistan,” said Giggles. “It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, if you want to practice in the Courts, if you want to take the path to glory, you have to start small.”

“Why do you think firms don’t pay their juniors well in Pakistan?” I asked, hoping the answer would be different then what I thought. “After all, senior lawyers in the firm should see it as an investment.”

“Don’t be stupid Pappu, you don’t want to be investing in your future downfall do you?” said Giggles.

“Hmmmm,” I went into deep thought.



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